Contract logistics

We provide modern A class warehouses with an area of over 350 000 sq. m, thoughtful solutions and comprehensive additional services for large, medium and small businesses.

What are the services we offer as part of the cross-docking process?

Our cross-docking services include:

  • transport of goods
  • unloading and palletisation
  • short-term warehousing – up to 2 days, cost included in the freight price
  • labelling
  • additional shipment security
  • co-packing
  • further distribution

We guarantee an efficient service, as well as equipment (a vast fleet of forklift trucks, household appliance clamps, roller pins) and personnel always ready to accept and handle goods. Apart from standard europallets we also cross-dock floor-loaded shipments and household appliances. We also specialise in cross-docking of non-standard shipments, such as:

  • mattresses
  • rollers
  • ADR goods


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