Contract logistics

We provide modern A class warehouses with an area of over 350 000 sq. m, thoughtful solutions and comprehensive additional services for large, medium and small businesses.

Contract logistics in dedicated warehouses

We provide services in dedicated warehouses to companies with constant and significant demand for warehouse services. Thanks to our extensive experience we provide professional consultancy services in the field of new site planning, including ‘greenfield’ projects. In later stages of the project, we provide high-quality services on sites where we consulted on the design and accept responsibility for such services, which means that the scope of our support in this area exceeds the services offered by real estate brokerage agencies.

Advantages of services provided in dedicated warehouses include:

  • Location of the warehouse is chosen based on the needs of the customer’s supply chain, the building itself is designed based on the customer’s actual requirements
  • A holistic, single-operator approach to process management
  • Operator’s know-how is provided to the Customer
  • All costs are known at the planning stage, allowing for a better forecast of derived elements
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