Contract logistics

We provide modern A class warehouses with an area of over 350 000 sq. m, thoughtful solutions and comprehensive additional services for large, medium and small businesses.

What are contract logistics?

Contract logistics comprise a number of services rendered in warehouses (mostly high storage facilities) and cross-docks, enabling us to handle a wide variety of projects that we work on for our Customers.

Such services are often part of a much larger, comprehensive supply chain, operated by the same logistics company. In these circumstances, the term ‘contract logistics’ is used in a wider context, as a concept related or even equivalent to Supply Chain Management, and is interpreted as a part of a multi-component contract between the customer and the logistics operator.

Contract logistics based on innovative solutions may be used to build a competitive advantage in the market. As an experienced logistics operator, we possess the requisite expertise to provide warehouse operations management services, and can also offer a wider scope of cooperation, encompassing the design of a comprehensive supply chain. Devising such solutions require expertise, coordination and constant improvement. We can provide dozens of specific examples of successful implementations of such solutions in various industries.

Our ultimate objective is to maintain a proper and fair relations between our promises and our actual abilities and achievements. We are ready to prove our capabilities and describe the ambitious projects that we’ve completed. At the appropriate stage of negotiations we will be willing to provide specific references from and contact data of our current customers.



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