Contract logistics

We provide modern A class warehouses with an area of over 350 000 sq. m, thoughtful solutions and comprehensive additional services for large, medium and small businesses.

The early supplier involvement concept

As a logistics operator offering a comprehensive range of services, we have amassed significant experience in working with our customers within the Early Supplier Involvement system. The concept involves choosing a logistics operator based on an evaluation of its competence in providing comprehensive services, as well as the commercial term sit offers and its involvement in the design of an optimal logistics process. The concept is therefore an alternative to the traditional tender on individual services. The selected solution may include all stages of the supply chain – warehousing, customs clearances, as well sea, air or road transport. All details of the process are agreed upon during design works.

The above solution is an optimal choice if:

  • your organisation runs processes that need to be looked at ‘end to end’
  • you see a lack of continuity between the processes
  • individual indicators are good, but the whole picture requires improvement
  • a simple change in the process necessitates changes to the terms of cooperation with all suppliers separately (making new arrangements, renegotiating terms of cooperation)
  • lack of access to coherent and complete information (suppliers protect their information, information is incomplete and fragmented) is your constant problem
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