Contract logistics

We provide modern A class warehouses with an area of over 350 000 sq. m, thoughtful solutions and comprehensive additional services for large, medium and small businesses.

Bonded warehouse

We operate own bonded warehouses which are designated locations on European Union territory approved by customs authorities for the storage of goods.

We provide comprehensive logistics services by relying on long-standing experience in working with customs processes. Own bonded warehouse allows for the storage of goods over unlimited time and for releasing goods for sale in batches, as required by customers. A bonded warehouse’s job is to facilitate the purchase of goods from outside the European Economic Area in addition to their export and re-export.

Advantages of Own Bonded Warehouse:

  • Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) Certificate
  • Cross-docking terminals adapted to customs operations
  • Customs clearance and certificate of origin legalization
  • VAT registration in Poland
  • Fiscal representative
  • Customs duty suspension
  • Total supply chain and stage-by-stage document flow management
  • Own customs agencies to oversee customs services and document flow
  • Full handling of import and export customs clearances

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