IT systems

The aim of this change is to provide additional value created thanks to the new approach towards organization of communication and business processes in our company and highest possible automation of these processes. As a result of these changes we are going to provide our clients with some of the most competitive services on the market, based on close cooperation and information management within our organization.

The changes encompassed implementation of modern IT applications, that is:

  • ESB - Enterprise Service Bus - which integrates efficiently the procedures based on operation of multiple business applications
  • JDA – world class system for managing contract logistics; you can find more information about it at
  • TMS SPEED – a modern system for managing forwarding processes (all forwarding processes within a single system)
  • Webbooking - a web portal for clients, used for placement of orders and online management of LCL shipments in road transport.
  • WebOrdering - a web portal for clients, used for placement of orders and management of stock orders
  • Microsoft AX financial and accounting system
  • CRM and intranet solutions - system for efficient management of database of suppliers and clients.

Moreover, our Clients use on everyday basis the facilities such as:

  • full monitoring of shipments within the scope of the whole forwarding process,
  • highest possible integration of systems applied on part of the client and those on part of the logistics operator,
  • high configuration capabilities within all the systems and possibility of adjusting them to client’s requirements,
  • easy access to information at every stage of the supply chain,
  • always up-to-date knowledge on warehouse stock status and distribution of goods,
  • management of suppliers and the production process,
  • electronic transmission and management of orders and up-to-date information on status of orders,
  • extranet reporting system tools adjusted to individual needs.



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