Road freight

We provide a dedicated domestic distribution system and a partnership network of international connections with 300 regular lines per week.

Fuel adjustment factor

The world economy and national economies evolve around energy sources – thus depending on their prices. The forwarding business is particularly sensitive to fuel costs.

The fuel Adjustment Factor is dependent on account changes in fuel prices and is calculated as a percentage value of freight amount due. Price level is decided in every week or month on the grounds of Ekodiesel prices from the previous week or month in PKN ORLEN published online at

The current Fuel Adjustment Factor value at ROHLIG SUUS Logistics 26.02. - 03.03.2024 is:

  • domestic service: + 26,18%
  • international service: + 26,18%
    (for customers with contracts signed up to 31.03.2022)
  • average ON price for 19.02. - 25.02.2024: 5 346 zł / 1 000 l (net).

Previous months fuel adjustment factor ROHLIG SUUS Logistics [PDF]

Archive of fuel adjustment factor 

The current Fuel Adjustment Factor value at ROHLIG SUUS Logistics for February 2024 is:

  • international service: 0%
    (for customers with contracts from 1.04.2022)
  • average ON price in January 2024: 5 112 PLN / 1000 l (net)


Archive of monthly fuel adjustment factor

Fuel addition guarantees our Customers cooperation based on fixed prices without constant changes.
ROHLIG SUUS Logitics reserve the rights to change the method of calculate and the coefficient of Fuel Factor.

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