Road freight

We provide a dedicated domestic distribution system and a partnership network of international connections with 300 regular lines per week.

Currency adjustment factor

The Currency Adjustment Factor (CAF) is calculated as a percentage difference between the base rate and an arithmetic mean of daily currency rates of NBP (Polish National Bank) from the previous month, adjusted by a currency cost structure factor. CAF is calculated and published by ROHLIG SUUS Logistics on a monthly basis.

The currency cost structure factor presents the forwarding and logistics costs in a foreign currency as a proportion of total costs.

The current Currency Adjustment Factor value at ROHLIG SUUS Logistics is:

  • EUR - 0 %
  • USD - 0 %
  • GBP - 0 %
  • CHF - 0 %

All invoices in foreign currency include automatically adjusted prices by CAF valid on date of invoice.

ProLogistyka Association, which brings together the largest players of the Polish forwarding & logistics sector, recommends the usage of CAF in road-freight.
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