Road freight

We provide a dedicated domestic distribution system and a partnership network of international connections with 300 regular lines per week.

Domestic fulltruck transport

Full truck transport is an ideal solution for companies with large volume of shipments.

Thanks to stable and reliable base of subcontractors we deliver shipments in Poland within 24 hours.

 We provide for our Clients:

  • standard semitrailers 13,6m
  • sets with higher capacity 110 - 120m3
  • mega -trailers with capacity 100m3
  • cool trailers, equipped with temperature control device (ATP convention), as well as trailers with ADR equipment 
  • tipper truck for the transport of loose goods
  • trucks with capacity of 0,7t, 1,5t, 3,5t

We arrange transportation of any commodity type:

  • neutral goods
  • dangerous goods
  • goods requiring controlled temperature
  • over gauge goods

Our fleet of contracted vehicles meets the latest technical and environmental requirements. Concerning the safety of shipments our trucks are equipped with the satellite navigation system, which directly results with the high quality of communication and steady monitoring of shipments. Our truckers use SUUS Tracker application.

Full trucks loads either can be implemented independently or as a complement to groupage distribution network.

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