Complaint process:

1. In order to make a claim for non-performance or improper performance of forwarding services or other provisions of the Agreement, including claims related to loss, depletion or damage to the Shipment, the Customer is required to submit a complaint on the terms and in the manner provided for in § 15 of the General Terms and Conditions for Forwarding Services of ROHLIG SUUS Logistics S.A. see

2. A complaint can be submitted:

  • in electronic form - by filling in directly on the ROHLIG SUUS Logistics S.A. website, the ON-LINE complaint form together with the required attachments see

Submitting a complaint in electronic form is equivalent to the Customer's consent to receive correspondence related to the complaint procedure, including information about the complaint and its result, to the email address indicated by the Customer in the complaint form.

  • in writing - by filling in and sending to ROHLIG SUUS Logistics S.A., Complaints and Damages Department, address: 02-235 Warsaw, ul. Równoległa 4A a complaint form together with the required attachments see

3. To submit a complaint in electronic or written form, please attach:

  • statement see
  • detailed calculation for various goods see
  • forwarding order, bill of lading or other transport document
  • damage report, signed by authorised parties
  • photos confirming the damage to the goods
  • commercial invoice and specification or other document confirming the value of the damage

4. After receiving a complaint and the required attachments, the Complaints and Damages Department will review them to:

  • verify the legitimacy and amount of the claim,
  • determine the person responsible for the damage,
  • refer the complaint to the person responsible or to the appropriate insurer, in order to protect the client's interests and obtain compensation due to them.

5. Pursuant to Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data repealing Directive 95/46/WE (hereinafter referred to as „Regulation”), please be informed that your Personal Data Controller shall be ROHLIG SUUS Logistics SA with a seat in Warsaw (02-235), ul. Równoległa 4A, hereinafter referred to as „Data Controller”. The Data Controller has appointed a Data Protection Officer. Data Protection Officer’s contact details: Your personal data shall be processed to:

  • 1) handle complaints pursuant to an agreement to provide a forwarding service, with article 6, section 1, item b of the Regulation forming the legal basis for the said processing,
  • 2) seek damages or to safeguard against claims for damages, with the Data Controller’s legitimate interest as laid out in article 6, Section 1, item f of the Regulation forming the basis for the said processing.

The full text of the Clause is available online: see