Forwarder's liabilities

The Civil Responsibility (OC) of the forwarder is a set of responsibilities towards the Customer and third parties for all damages resulting from incomplete tasks, as specified in the forwarding agreement. These are the forwarder’s responsibilities, according to the regulations of the Civil Code.

As a general rule, if the conditions of the agreement do not say otherwise, the forwarder’s OC covers damages for which the forwarder is clearly responsible:

  • The forwarder’s mistakes at activities covered by the insurance, which have directly damaged the Customer or any parties participating in the process of completing a shipping order
  • The consequences of choosing an incompetent subcontractor

In practice, it is common to say that the activities for which the forwarder is responsible and those which are covered by the forwarder’s OC, include:

  • Selection of means of transport and route, including signing the forwarding contract
  • Preparation of the shipment
  • All activities associated with the process of loading and unloading the shipment
  • Accuracy of documents associated with the execution of a shipping order
  • Customs clearance activities (mistakes in customs documentation)
  • All activities associated with storing the goods (shipment)

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