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Fuel surcharge in container haulage

The purchase of fuel is a significant part of the cost of container haulage from ports. The fuel surcharge reflects current fluctuations in fuel prices.

The fuel surcharge for container on-carriage is calculated according to the date the container is declared for customs clearance, unless ROHLIG SUUS Logistics organizes the transfer (T1) or the container is not subject to customs clearance, then the surcharge is calculated according to the date the container is loaded on the truck.

The fuel surcharge for pre-carriage is charged according to the date of notification to the customer of the first container
from a bill of lading.

The amount of the fuel surcharge is determined on the basis of the wholesale price of fuel in PKN ORLEN, posted on the website of the largest fuel supplier in Poland, PKN ORLEN.

The amount of fuel surcharge in container haulage according to daily price of diesel oil Ekodiesel (ON) according to PKN Orlen SA wholesale price list.

ROHLIG SUUS Logistics reserves the right to change the methodology of calculation and the amount of the fuel surcharge factor.

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