Transporting oversized cargo is always a challenge. It requires a detailed analysis of the route in order to choose the best, often non-standard options. At Rohlig SUUS Logistics we specialize in project cargo services. Recently, we were responsible for the road transportation in Romania of a transformer weighing 66 tons and measuring 3.9 meters in height, as well as its accessories. How did we handle it?

Our task was to transport the mentioned cargo from the port of Constanta to Satu Mare (about 1000 km). The transformer, due to its parameters, was carried as a break bulk on container vessel, while the accessories was in three 40'HC and one 40'FR OOG containers. Our services included: road transport, route analysis, independent third party survey, port operations including loading onto a trailer and storage.

A route survey is key factor of a project cargo

In order for the transport to be successful, we conducted a thorough analysis. The purpose of the survey was to find the most reliable transportation routes, access roads and appropriate transportation solutions from the point of view of road safety, cargo safety and economy. Taking into account the weight and dimensions of the cargo, we checked the load capacity of roads and bridges, the possibility of passing through curves, road restrictions, etc. We have also applied to the relevant authorities for the necessary permits, including the closure of a section of road for the duration of the crossing.

The analysis allowed us to choose the optimal route, on which, however, we had to take many unusual measures.

  • In many parts of the route, the movement of vehicles and pedestrians had to be stopped until the convoy and its escort vehicles had completely passed.
  • The movement on bridges was made with a maximum speed of 5 km/h, without the possibility of stopping.
  • Crossing one of the bridges was against the flow of traffic.
  • The passage of the convoy on the road was carried out only in daylight (in natural light). In case of fog with visibility below 100m, strong wind or slippery road the movement of the convoy was stopped.
  • Some routes were excluded because of low load capacity or height restrictions, such as a bridge over the road.

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