At Rohlig SUUS Logistics, we are observing a dynamic growth in customers' interest in value-added services in contract logistics, such as banding, labeling, co-packing, and the creation of product stands or sets. In 2023, we handled approximately 30% more volume compared to the previous year. What are the reasons behind this trend? Entrusting expertise in this area to a comprehensive operator, who is also responsible for warehousing, transportation, and customs clearance of goods translates into time savings and cost reduction. Additionally, these mentioned services enable proper preparation of goods for distribution and sale. How?

The designation with excise stamps (banding) is crucial for products such as alcoholic beverages to be allowed for circulation. Labeling products in the languages of the countries to which they are subsequently exported is essential for international expansion. Recreating the packaging or repackaging allows the preparation of goods for delivery according to the needs of final recipients, such as retail chains, for example, in terms of the appropriate number of articles in multi-packs or boxes. Meanwhile, point of sale materials (POSM), such as product stands or sets, are an integral part of marketing campaigns related to occasions such as Valentine's Day, Women's Day, Easter, Christmas, St. Nicholas Day, or the new school year. They help to distinguish a particular product in the store and attract the attention of consumers, which is particularly important during periods of higher inflation when goods are more selectively chosen.

An interesting trend that we have also observed recently is the increasing interest in using eco-friendly consumables, such as paper fillers or tapes. With the growing ecological awareness, we can expect that more companies will adopt environmentally friendly solutions. The ongoing reduction of plastic packaging and changes in legal regulations will also encourage the search for alternative materials.

Expert: Łukasz Dziadczyk, Head of Logistics VAS, Rohlig SUUS Logistics