Rohlig SUUS Logistics places importance on foreign expansion and expands its management board


Artur Malarski has been working for Rohlig SUUS Logistics for 12 years. He began his career with the company as Branch Director in Lodz, and for the last 5 years has been responsible for the development of contract logistics. During that time, the company has opened 10 logistics warehouses, including its first foreign warehouse in Brno, Czech Republic, increasing its warehouse space from 190,000 sqm to over 330,000 sqm.

– One of our strategic business goals is to grow the company in foreign markets, including through acquisitions. In order to ensure greater organic growth and support the acquisitions we are planning in these markets, Artur Malarski is joining the management board to oversee this area of our business. Artur has already had an impact on the company's expansion in the CEE region, including taking part in the process of opening our first foreign warehouse in Brno – says Tadeusz Chmielewski, Chairman of the Board, Rohlig SUUS Logistics. We are betting on Central and Eastern Europe. Many of our customers treat this region as one business area – not only as a common market, but also as a bridge between Western Europe and Asia, or between the South and the Scandinavian countries. As the largest Polish logistics operator, we have experience in our home market, and we want to utilize this experience to expansion in the CEE region in order to become a leader there as well – he adds.

– We want to be a key player in the region and the first choice partner for customers looking for a comprehensive logistics service, both in Central and Eastern Europe and when handling global supply chains. I am looking forward to the new mission. My task will be to ensure synergy between the different markets – competency-wise, but also organizationally. Thanks to the development of cooperation and knowledge exchange, we will be able to provide even better support for trade within CEE and, even more importantly, better opportunities for foreign expansion for Polish, Romanian, Hungarian, Czech, Slovakian or Slovenian companies – says Artur Malarski, the new board member.

Rohlig SUUS Logistics began expanding into new CEE markets in 2018, opening three branches in the Czech Republic (including Prague and Ostrava) and one in Hungary (Budapest), followed a year later by a port branch in Slovenia, in the city of Koper, where the company specializes in LCL sea transport, among other things. SUUS' newest investments are in Slovakia (Bratislava), Romania (Bucharest) and, aforementioned, in Brno in the Czech Republic, where the company has its own warehouse. The company's plans for foreign development include the opening of more warehouses, the development of contract logistics, national LTL transport networks combined into a single Central European distribution system, and last-mile deliveries. Rail freight and LTL sea freight will also be an important part of future development, as well as the development of advisory, supply chain design and management services as part of Logistics Solution Design.

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