ROHLIG SUUS Logistics with first ESG report


The first edition of the SUUSTAINABILITY REPORT is a summary of the past financial year and takes into account environmental activities and for the benefit of employees, customers, contractors, local communities. The report was prepared in accordance with the GRI standard, at the 'Core' level. It is the most widely used sustainability reporting standard in the world, making the information in the ROHLIG SUUS Logistics report measurable and comparable.

ESG issues are an integral part of our new business strategy. Here, we focus primarily on the satisfaction of employees and customers, for whom the environmental and social context are important in their choice of employer and business partner. We believe that regular reporting and ambitious social and environmental targets are a prerequisite for running a responsible business nowadays, comments Piotr Iwo Chmielewski, Board Member of ROHLIG SUUS Logistics.

With the publication of the ESG report, the company is making public, for the first time, its carbon footprint, which has been calculated for all three emission ranges. The GLEC methodology was used for the calculations. Global Logistic Emissions Council) for transport and logistics companies. Importantly, the approach used is in line with the GHG Protocol, EN ISO 14064-1 and EN ISO 16258 standards.

As part of its next steps, the company plans to inform customers about the carbon footprint of logistics operations, but also to make environmental impact forecasts available to them already at the time of pricing and to further develop green logistics services. This will enable customers to compare solutions, not only in terms of price, but also the carbon footprint generated.

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