Rohlig Suus Logistics Focuses on Diversification and Boosts Revenues


Business diversification, development of digital tools for customers and investments into modern technological solutions are just a few components of the Rohlig Suus Logistics' development strategy that are drivers of the company's growth. In the last financial year, Poland's largest logistics operator boosted its revenues by 71 per cent, reaching the highest ever level of almost PLN 2 billion.

- For years now, at Rohlig Suus Logistics we have focused on building operational security through diversification - both in terms of geography, industries served, products offered, and even balancing of our commitment to imports and exports. Another key element is the comprehensive nature of our services. We offer our customers a full range of options - from auditing supply chains, to remodelling them and implementing dedicated solutions. The last challenging years have shown that this strategy has not only allowed us to operate in a sustainable manner, but also to generate good financial performance - says Piotr Chmielewski, a member of the Management Board of Rohlig Suus Logistics.

Rohlig Suus Logistics a Market Leader in Maritime Transport

Regardless of external circumstances, each year the Polish logistics operator enhances the scale of its operations. In 2021, the Company generated revenues of PLN 1.978 billion. Maritime transport accounted for the largest share of Rohlig Suus Logistics' record growth. In the less-than-truckload (LCL) transport segment, volumes growth exceeded 30 per cent year-on-year, while in in full container load (FCL) segment by more than 15 per cent year-on-year. The Company also recorded a significant growth exceeding 40 per cent in air transport, 20 per cent in rail transport and 9 per cent in road transport. Undoubtedly, an important leg of our business is maritime transport, where we increase our market share every year. After years of developing a maritime product for Asia and North America, we have increasingly been targeting South American markets. Our customers are increasingly looking in that direction, says Andrzej Kozlowski, a member of the Management Board of Rohlig Suus Logistics.

Polish Company With Global Coverage

In 2021, Rohlig Suus Logistics continued to expand its international business, strengthening its position in Asia as well as in the United States and Canada. In the last financial year, the company developed, among other things, multi-modal transport services from Asia, which involves a combination of air freight with rail or road freight, and expanded its transport service offer to South America.

Rohlig Suus Logistics already operates from more than 30 branch offices, and in cooperation with Röhlig's German offices and its own branch offices in Europe, it has a global reach.
The Polish operator delivers customers' goods to 6 continents, by sea, air, rail, road and intermodal transport.

Operator of The Future Offering Comprehensive Services

Last financial year, the Polish logistics operator focused on developing its offer in the consulting area, launching, among other things, a special SUUS Advisory unit dedicated to supporting customers in supply chain management, network and distribution centre design, as well as comprehensive supply management and coordination of all partners involved under the Control Tower formula. Customers can also take advantage of the Logistics Solution Design team, dedicated to developing specialized solutions tailored to the current needs of businesses, as well as optimizing the vendor managed inventory (VMI) process. Rohlig Suus Logistics is also developing an offering in the 4PL area, which involves outsourcing the management of the entire supply chain and logistics to a single logistics operator.

Rohlig Suus Logistics is also investing in the development of tools provided to its own personnel and customers. A new module, Visibility, was put into their hands less than a month ago. The new feature enables real-time shipment management by linking the Customer Portal to the drivers' applications. The customer has access to a list of all orders and can quickly and easily view their details, and when there are unusual events during the shipment, app alerts and email notifications allow for instant response. More solutions will soon be added to the Portal, including but not limited to tracking of shipments forwarded by maritime, air and rail transport, preview of the vehicle's location in the FTL service and an option for the recipient to order additional services.

Rohlig Suus Logistics is one of the fastest-growing logistics companies in Poland that does not forget about sustainability. The Company is working busily on calculating the carbon footprint of various transport modes to inform customers about their environmental impact when choosing specific logistics solutions. The logistics operator wants to minimize the negative environmental impact of transport and in parallel to strengthen the positive environmental impact, with a special focus on environmental aspects and relations with local communities.

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