In light of an epidemic having been declared in Poland and the measures that other countries have put into place aimed at halting the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, we’d like to reassure you that we are monitoring the on-going situation in Poland, Europe and worldwide. We are making every effort to ensure service efficiency in spite of the changes and restrictions being imposed. We’ve also got some alternative service solutions in place for our Customers. Please find the details below:

Suez Canal

The operator of the canal confirmed today the restoration of traffic on the main transport route between Asia and Europe.

In view of the situation over the next few weeks, however, we must expect the consequences to be temporary delays in the transport of goods along this route and congestion at European ports.

Updated on: 30.03.2021


Road Freight

  • Domestic Distribution

We have not seen any disruptions in domestic groupage lines and other types of carriage in Poland. Our distribution network is operating as usual.

Following the introduced recommendations and with security of delivery in mind, recipients of cash on delivery shipments are requested to prepare deducted amounts in order to limit contact with the courier.

The carry-in service has also been subject to change indefinitely. The driver will leave the consignment on the doorstep of a Customer’s apartment, home or premises and will notify the Customer of this via phone when scheduling the delivery and upon arrival at the recipient’s address.

All the measures being introduced aim at additionally protecting our drivers and Customers.

  • International Carriage

France - all deliveries to private individuals (B2C) in France are still suspended.

Please contact your Account Managers for details about the remaining countries. Please be advised that due to border checks being imposed at various country borders, delivery times may be extended.

In Europe, there’s an alternative service called Short Sea (sea shipping across Europe). This service enables us to move larger cargo volumes to some ports while bypassing queues at border crossings. Intermodal transport is another alternative to trucking. We can move freight by more than just one means of transport as part of a single service. The service is available two ways among others in countries like Portugal, Italy, Russia, Sweden and Turkey.

Sea Freight

In the maritime transport market, the industry faces a shortage of free cargo capacity on ships and the availability of containers. Currently, the reason for this situation is that shipowners have reduced the number of ship departures and congestion at ports. Simultaneously, there has been a reduction in the number of employees on the transport market, which intensifies the congestion in ports and transshipment terminals.

We give you the opportunity to use the SOT (shipment on transit) service, it is a solution that allows you to receive goods from Asia on time, but with the option of delaying delivery, which may reduce the cost of shipping. The goods will be stored in one of the European ports of transshipment. For details on this form of transport, please contact your supervisors.

Air Freight

In the case of air freight, the situation with the availability of vacant cargo capacity depends on the network of passenger connections. Greater difficulties and an extended transit time occur in the case of export – this is connected with the lack of possible connections. This situation affects the increase in export rates. On the other hand, rates for import remain at a similar level as before the Chinse New Year.

In air freight, we carry out shipments of our customers on an ongoing basis. Transit-time of some shipments may be prolonged due to temporary suspension of most passenger connections.

In the case of shipments by Frankfurt airport, the service may be extended in the coming days due to the introduction of controls at borders. We also offer our customers an alternative service at this port - LCL Express (consolidation of cargo in Frankfurt and shipment of goods by sea to the USA).

We keep track of the situation related to flights to Asia, United Kingdom, and the United States and the available cargo space in these directions.

Key connections have been maintained and in the new reality the situation has stabilized. The airlines have dedicated cargo flights based on their passenger aircraft.

Rail Freight

In rail transport, we note a gradual improvement in the situation – compared to the past weeks. Groupage shipments leave China’s terminals in a timely manner. Some difficulties occur sporadically. The situation is slowly improving and we have seen a downward trend in rates of rail freight.

Italy - from all over Poland we also provide transport of goods as part of intermodal services.

Contract Logistics

There are no disruptions in the operation of SUUS Logistics facilities. Our entire workforce has been asked to follow the guidance of the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate currently in effect.


With the situation being volatile, we’d like to reassure our Customers that we will be keeping them up to date should circumstances change. We are working on alternative shipping solutions and will keep you posted in this regard.

Due to the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic which meets the statutory definition of force majeure and circumstances entirely beyond the control of the forwarding, carriage and logistics services provider, please be advised that due to reasons beyond ROHLIG SUUS Logistics’ control, there exists a realistic risk that there will be limitations on the arrangement or delivery of services on some routes, including on the timely delivery of your consignments and that there is a risk that some shipping orders will not be accepted.

Please take into account the aforementioned, as well as the presence of external circumstances, such as road blocks, mandatory checks, driver temperature checks, states of emergency in some countries, and the prospect of more restrictions being imposed by law on service providers, when planning upcoming shipping jobs and kindly proceed to work with ROHLIG SUUS to agree on the next steps.

Please notify your Customers of the aforementioned circumstances to avoid liability for the existing situation which is being caused by force majeure.

Updated on: 15.03.2021

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