In light of an epidemic having been declared in Poland and the measures that other countries have put into place aimed at halting the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, we’d like to reassure you that we are monitoring the on-going situation in Poland, Europe and worldwide. We are making every effort to ensure service efficiency in spite of the changes and restrictions being imposed. We’ve also got some alternative service solutions in place for our Customers. Please find the details below:

Road Freight

  • Domestic Distribution

We have not seen any disruptions in domestic groupage lines and other types of carriage in Poland. Our distribution network is operating as usual.

In adherence to the existing guidance and out of consideration for the safety of our deliveries we have opted to temporarily stop Cash on Delivery shipping for all consignment recipients.

The carry-in service has also been subject to change indefinitely. The driver will leave the consignment on the doorstep of a Customer’s apartment, home or premises and will notify the Customer of this via phone when scheduling the delivery and upon arrival at the recipient’s address.

All the measures being introduced aim at additionally protecting our drivers and Customers.

  • International Carriage

Turkey – due to the mandatory 14-day quarantine rule for all drivers, we recommend using intermodal services (by sea or rail) to maintain continuity of cargo shipping.

Russia – restrictions apply when crossing the country’s border. These apply car, rail, pedestrian and river border crossings. These restrictions are not supposed to affect truck traffic.

Slovakia – following temporary closure, borders have once again opened. Borders have closed due to traffic jams, but the situation is slowly returning to normal. In spite of these difficulties we are making every effort to ensure our services run on schedule.

Hungary – no restrictions apply to trucks with a gross vehicle weight of over 7.5 tons. Effective from 28 of March no quarantine rules apply to Hungarian drivers whose final destination is Hungary. Restrictions apply to in-country stays: when trucking to destinations in Hungary, vehicles must depart the country within 24 hours from consignment unloading and when transiting, must pass through the country in the shortest possible span of time using the designated transit route.

France – we have immediately suspended all B2C deliveries due to restrictions being imposed.

Italy – disruptions exist due to most workplaces having been shut. We recommend Customers contact their Account Managers prior to shipping to check whether their goods can be picked up or delivered.

Please contact your Account Managers for details about the remaining countries. Please be advised that due to border checks being imposed at various country borders, delivery times may be extended.

In Europe, there’s an alternative service called Short Sea (sea shipping across Europe). This service enables us to move larger cargo volumes to some ports while bypassing queues at border crossings. Intermodal transport is another alternative to trucking. We can move freight by more than just one means of transport as part of a single service. The service is available two ways among others in countries like Portugal, Italy, Russia, Sweden and Turkey.

Sea Freight

China – we are seeing an increase in stowage numbers at Chinese ports. Because many vessels have not sailed from Chinese ports in February, we are currently dealing with a shortage of empty containers in Europe. This may cause difficulties with exporting goods because of a deficit in the means of transport.

India and Bangladesh have imposed a full 21-day quarantine which will remain in effect until 4 April. We are anticipating significant disruptions in import from and export to these countries.

Air Freight

We are working as usual when it comes to shipping consignments by air for our Customers. The transit times of some of the consignments may be extended due to the temporary suspension of most of passenger air traffic.

With regard to consignments handled by Germany’s Frankfurt airport, service times may be extended in the upcoming days due to the implementation of border checks at the German - Polish border. At this airport, we’ve got an alternative service for our Customers called LCL Express (cargo shipments are consolidated in Frankfurt and shipped by sea to the US).

We are monitoring the on-going situation around flights to Asia and the United States and the air cargo space available on these routes.

China has imposed restrictions on passenger air traffic which lead to a reduction in the volume capacity in this type of transport. Goods continue to be moved by cargo planes at a steady level without major disruptions.

The world’s air traffic has fallen by 60% compared to the previous year. Increasingly more countries are imposing restrictions or closing their borders. In the key markets, both India and the Republic of South Africa have already taken this step.

Rail Freight

Rail depots in Chengdu, Xian, Taijuan, Chongqing are working at regular capacity without disruptions. Wuhan’s rail depot is scheduled to reopen in the beginning of April. First departures are planned for 2, 11 and 17 April. Next departures are scheduled for every Thursday and Saturday. Consignment pick up and consolidation continue without disruptions.

Trains on the Silk Road are traveling on schedule and without delays.

Rail freight is an excellent alternative for all our Customers interested in air shipping to/ from China where the volume space continues to be significantly limited at this time.

Contract Logistics

There are no disruptions in the operation of SUUS Logistics facilities. Our entire workforce has been asked to follow the guidance of the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate currently in effect.


With the situation being volatile, we’d like to reassure our Customers that we will be keeping them up to date should circumstances change. We are working on alternative shipping solutions and will keep you posted in this regard.

Due to the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic which meets the statutory definition of force majeure and circumstances entirely beyond the control of the forwarding, carriage and logistics services provider, please be advised that due to reasons beyond ROHLIG SUUS Logistics’ control, there exists a realistic risk that there will be limitations on the arrangement or delivery of services on some routes, including on the timely delivery of your consignments and that there is a risk that some shipping orders will not be accepted.

Please take into account the aforementioned, as well as the presence of external circumstances, such as road blocks, mandatory checks, driver temperature checks, states of emergency in some countries, and the prospect of more restrictions being imposed by law on service providers, when planning upcoming shipping jobs and kindly proceed to work with ROHLIG SUUS to agree on the next steps.

Please notify your Customers of the aforementioned circumstances to avoid liability for the existing situation which is being caused by force majeure.

Updated on: 30.03.2020