Smart Roof As A Standard Feature In Our Facilities

On-going tracking of building structure integrity, easier roof maintenance and early response to volatile weather conditions – all this to support a logistics business. The Smart Roof Platform will strengthen supply chain security. Sense Monitoring’s product is a new standard feature in our facilities.

The key objective for our Team is to ensure supply chain continuity. The new 48.5 thousand sq. m. proprietary technology facility in Sokołów near Warsaw is the company’s largest hub with storage and cross-docking functions.

To ensure the highest level of customer and workforce satisfaction we’ve installed an advanced Smart Roof Platform in the new facility.

Our priority is to ensure operational continuity and stability. This kind of focus means we can develop and continue collaboration with our partners. Employee safety, the security of the goods entrusted to us by customers and on-going and on-time deliveries are of particular importance to us and our customers - explains Krzysztof Gąsiewski, Branch Director at ROHLIG SUUS Logistics. This is why we’ve opted to use Sense Monitoring’s Smart Roof Platform. It feeds on-going data about our industrial flat roofs that we can use to anticipate and react to potential roof overload – says Krzysztof Gąsiewski.

One of the system’s greatest advantages is that building managers gain easy access to key data on structural integrity guaranteeing the flat roof will remain safe to use. The Smart Roof Platform collects and aggregates data in a cloud and then feeds it to an intuitive web-based application. Furthermore, Smart Roof enables the user to prepare for volatile weather conditions which is particularly important in this era of climate change. Each year in Poland there are over ten serious flat roof incidents due to heavy rainfall or wet snow cover. Sense Monitoring’s solution prevents such incidents.

Delivering this project to ROHLIG SUUS Logistics proved to be a very rewarding experience. A company that faces a multitude of logistics challenges on a daily basis trusted us. Those aware of ROHLIG SUUS Logistics scale of operations know full well there’s no room for mistakes, and every decision and step must be perfectly executed. Here, at Sense Monitoring, we’re extremely happy to be able to deliver this tool that meets the needs of this large logistics operator – says Tomasz Dudek, Vice President at Sense Monitoring, a high-tech Polish company that protects over 1 million square meters of flat roofs. In recognition of their work, Sense Monitoring have been awarded the 2018 Innovative Product main prize in the Transport, Logistics and Manufacturing category. The company’s projects cover rented warehouses, industrial manufacturing facilities in the automotive sector, logistics facilities and sports and entertainment arenas across the country.

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