SUUS Fresh

We care about meeting expectations of our Clients therefore we possess in our portfolio SUUS Fresh product- transportation in a controlled temperature.

Thanks to our team of professionals who possess broad knowledge and experience we provide:

  • full-freight domestic and international shipments
  • transportation in a controlled temperature from -22°C to + 20°C
  • consolidation and transportation of goods to one recipient
  • transportation from one consigner to a number of recipients located in the same area
  • distribution from a distribution center to sales points
  • dedicated customer service team
  • specialized fleet which fulfills all formal and technical requirements
  • flexibility of service
  • quick response to actual Client’s needs

We direct our offer to:

  • Producers of food and non-food stuffs
  • Suppliers of semi-finished products or materials
  • Retail chains
In case of any inquiries please contact us:, tel:+48 512 367 575.
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