Stages of recruitment


1. If you found an offer that aroused your interest:

  • ass the extent to which it corresponds with your skills and qualifications
  • pay attention to the requirements specified and check whether you meet them
  • check and prepare your CV for the position selected
  • have you done all of this? if so, send your application by clicking here

2. If your CV receives positive verification:

  • you are going to receive an invitation to an interview with an employee of the Personnel Department
  • the interview is going to take about 1 h
  • during the interview you can expect the following:
    • questions about experience and skills and certificates possessed
  • you will have an opportunity to learn what tasks await you at a given position and what is the style of work at such position or in our organization

3. After the interview receives positive verification, you are going to receive an invitation to a meeting with the manager of the department to which you file your application:

    • the interview is going to regard: your specialist knowledge, education and specific issues at a given position
    • the manager is also going to answer your questions in detail