Air transport services for the pharmaceutical sector

Pharmaceutical products require special attention and responsibility from logistics operators who need to ensure the adequate product transport conditions. These mainly include maintaining an invariable temperature level, as unexpected rises may cause severe damage to the products, modifying their healing properties. More

Logistical challenges inherent in high-budget projects

Knauf, a major manufacturer of construction materials, has chosen ROHLIG SUUS Logistics as the operator who will provide comprehensive logistical and customs services in respect of the transport of a manufacturing line from Germany to a newly-opened manufacturing plant in Russia. More

Changes to regulations governing the export of food products to the US

Since May of this year, food products marketed in the United States are subject to additional verification processes. The new regulations require Polish exporters to name an entity designated as the ‘FSVP Importer’ in their import declarations. More

ROHLIG SUUS is one of Poland’s top logistics companies

Polish daily "Dziennik Gazeta Prawna" has published the results of the 22nd edition of its TSL ranking. ROHLIG SUUS Logistics has again been ranked among the top companies in category ‘TSL revenues – logistics services’, coming in fifth place. More

ROHLIG SUUS Logistics with a new tax warehouse service

ROHLIG SUUS Logistics offers a new service of a logistics operator’s tax warehouse, which enables storage and trans-shipment of excise goods under the excise duty suspension procedure, such as alcohol, cigarettes, or gear oils. More

ROHLIG SUUS Logistics opens new customs agencies

After opening its own customs agency at the rail terminal in Małaszewicze in early 2017, ROHLIG SUUS Logistics opened two more customs agencies in April, in Poznań and in Rzeszów; the agencies provide comprehensive import and export goods clearance services. The company is currently operating as many as 12 own customs agencies in Poland’s largest cities. More