ROHLIG SUUS Logistics has opened its own customs agency in Białystok

A customs agency with a temporary storage facility have opened on ROHLIG SUUS Logistics Bialystok branch-based premises. It allows us to provide on-site comprehensive customs clearance services to all exported and imported goods. The new customs agency is the fourteenth of its kind in Poland. More

ROHLIG SUUS Logistics to remain the provider of logistics services to Valeo Autosystemy for another 5 years

Poland’s largest comprehensive logistics company, ROHLIG SUUS Logistics, will continue to provide logistics services to the Thermal Systems Division of Valeo Autosystemy – one of Europe’s largest automotive parts manufacturer. The new contract represents a continuation of a nearly 10 year-long relationship between the two companies. More

ROHLIG SUUS Logistics manages logistics for Whirlpool in Poland

ROHLIG SUUS Logistics has won a contract to manage Whirlpool’s central warehouse in Poland. The 3-year contract covers managing a 23 thousand sq. meters warehouse facility in Piotrków Trybunalski. It took only 3 months from contract signing to integrate the relevant IT systems and relocate operations from three different locations across Poland. Aside from the distribution of finished goods, logistics management is yet another service that ROHLIG SUUS Logistics provides to Whirlpool. More

ROHLIG SUUS Logistics SA’s brand-new warehouse in Szczecin

As a leader in Poland’s logistics industry, ROHLIG SUUS Logistics have confirmed they’re at full operating capability with their brand-new, bigger warehouse and transshipment facility in Szczecin. The city’s size and geographical location make it one of the key locations to accommodate the company’s contract logistics growth potential. More

ROHLIG SUUS Logistics opens new branches in Central Europe

ROHLIG SUUS Logistics SA – the largest Polish-owned, comprehensive logistics company – has opened branches in the Czech Republic and Hungary. Next to expanding their air, sea and rail shipping operations, the company aims to grow and strengthen its own FTL forwarding network in this region. More

Air transport services for the pharmaceutical sector

Pharmaceutical products require special attention and responsibility from logistics operators who need to ensure the adequate product transport conditions. These mainly include maintaining an invariable temperature level, as unexpected rises may cause severe damage to the products, modifying their healing properties. More