New warehouse of Rohlig Suus Logistics in Wielkopolska Province


In November 2022 Rohlig Suus Logistics, a Polish logistics operator, launches a modern warehouse in Tarnowo Podgórne. A new investment with a surface area of more than 40 thousand square meters results in a fourfold increase in operating capabilities of the company in this region.

A new facility that performs a role of a logistics warehouse and modern cross-dock handling terminal provides customers with a comprehensive service of the full supply chain. The warehouse holds the BREEAM Excellent certificate proving that the project has been created in accordance with sustainable development principles. The facility has been built in line with FM Global’s fire standard.

Cross-dock and logistics under one roof

The new warehouse of Rohlig Suus Logistics consists of the logistics section that covers as many as 28 thousand square meters and the handling section with a surface area of over 8 thousand square meters. The cross-dock terminal involves 51 ramps and a concrete ramp that may serve 10 heavy-wheeled trucks without a semitrailer at a time. Also the administrative area (1,2 thousand square meters) has been substantially expanded to include a conference room, a special zone for drivers in the main office and in the cross-dock area, as well as a chill-out zone. The A-class warehouse is equipped with the VNA system (Very Narrow Aisle) and allows flexible management of pallet space, depending on customers’ current needs.

The new investment also includes a new specially designed driver rest zone, separated from the administrative section. It offers a separate entrance and is home to the kitchen, showers and laundromat. The aforesaid separate entrance raises drivers’ comfort and privacy. The zone is available around the clock, seven days a week.

The new warehouse is our response to a growing demand for comprehensive logistics services in Wielkopolska Province. Not only do we double our storage area, but we also record a fourfold increase in operating capabilities in the region. Besides, combination of the handling terminal and logistics warehouse allows us to reduce the number of handling operations, which translates into higher safety of shipping and shorter order lead time – says Katarzyna Rusin, a director of Rohlig Suus Logistics branch in Tarnowo Podgórne. - Such a complex facility, supplied with a customs agency, considerably boosts our potential in the field of international PTL and FTL transportation – she adds.

In terms of geographic location, Tarnowo Podgórne is an attractive hub for logistics operators. Proximity of the western border of Poland and good road links make this location appealing to a growing number of investors.

Sustainable warehouse

Rohlig Suus Logistics consistently adopts the sustainable development strategy, launching another warehouse that meets the highest environmental standards. The new facility holds the BREEAM certificate that confirms erection in accordance with sustainable development principles and proves that this building is friendly to employees and natural environment. A comprehensively expanded network of roof skylights eliminates the need to use artificial light throughout the day. Additionally the building is also rich in a photovoltaic plant, electric passenger car charging zones, as well as LED illumination with a smart control system (DALI).

What is more the company allows its customers to calculate the carbon footprint related to particular logistics operations. The green area around the new warehouse is covered only in native species of trees and bushes. The greenery has been divided into zones, among others flowery meadows with diverse boggy areas and sun-exposed areas. Hotels for insects have also been deployed throughout the premises.

Multi-discipline solutions

The new warehouse of the Poland’s largest logistics operator is adapted to handling various industries. The branch not only holds the veterinary certificate but is also the only one in Poland to have an advanced sprinkler system on shelves, allowing vertical storage of ADR goods (hazardous goods). Moreover this facility is the only bonded warehouse in Wielkopolska Province with an acknowledged spot, where enterprises may store their products if their items have not been approved for sale by the Customs Bureau.

In Tarnowo Podgórne, we serve electronics companies, packaging enterprises and animal feed businesses. We also look forward to cooperating with prospering enterprises from the food and construction sectors, and serving online store e-commerce – says Katarzyna Rusin, a director of Rohlig Suus Logistics branch in Tarnowo Podgórne. - A perfect road location makes this branch our main hub for international transportation in this part of the country – she summarizes.

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