Rohlig Suus Logistics Statement 3 March 2022

In light of a war in Ukraine we have had to make business decisions in the wake of the dynamically changing geopolitical situation in recent days.

Suspension of service to/from/via Russia and Belarus:

  • We are suspending rail service on the New Silk Route connecting China and Europe.
  • We are suspending all types of shipment transport to and from Russia and Belarus. 
    The only exception remains humanitarian aid shipments, with special focus on medical equipment and pharmaceuticals.

In doing so we would like to clearly declare that we do not condone warfare. Only through solidarity of joint business actions are we are able to send a clear message that we want to choose peaceful solutions to any conflicts.

Our decisions are further driven by the direct threat to the security of your shipments. Inclusion of the territory of the Russian Federation by sanctions also translates into the inability to enforce insurance clauses and add-on insurance of goods transported in transit through its territory.


At the same time, we want to assure you that we have already taken operational steps to transport all shipments located in China to Europe by sea as soon as possible. The sea service is stable and avoids all zones of armed conflict beyond our eastern border. Considering our good relationship and a desire to ensure continuity of supply chains, we are recommending this solution.

Under current circumstances, in the days to come your business supervisors together with our team of sea freight forwarders will be at your disposal, and will try to get your shipments on board the ships as soon as possible. They will consult directly with you on any changes, options and anticipated deadlines. We ask you to show your understanding to the operational teams under these special circumstances.


We are not indifferent to human fate. Apart from operational issues, the greatest challenge ahead of us is to take care of our personnel. You had the opportunity to work with them every day on shipments to ad from the eastern trade lanes. It is a team of several dozen people on the Polish and Russian side, who thanks to their high qualifications in rail and road freight forwarding have been building our relations for many years now. We have already engaged our personnel to support other operational teams in areas where increased efforts are needed, i.e. sea freight, intermodal freight and customs handling. This is how we want to take care of the future of our people and their families.

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