Röhlig Logistics opens a new office in Dubai and expands its global network


Owner-managed logistics company Röhlig Logistics has expanded its network with the opening of an office in Dubai.

Dr. Robert Gutsche, Chief Financial Officer at Röhlig Logistics explains: "Dubai represents a central hub for many global customers and is the fastest growing economy in the Middle East. Dubai has state-of-the-art logistics facilities and a favorable geographical location. As a hyper-connected pro-business hub, Dubai delivers efficiency, security and a forward-thinking ecosystem for accelerated growth."

Dubai plays a leading role not only in regional logistics, but also as an inter-connective hub between Asia, Africa and Europe. Using its existing customer base, Röhlig Logistics will use Dubai as a catalyst for further expansion in the Greater Middle East.

A team of very experienced forwarding staff works in Dubai. The branch office is headed by CK Prasanth (Branch Manager), who reports to Kuben Reddi, Managing Director of Röhlig-Grindrod and Röhlig Dubai, based in South Africa.

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