ROHLIG SUUS Logistics has opened its own customs agency in Białystok

A customs agency with a temporary storage facility have opened on ROHLIG SUUS Logistics Bialystok branch-based premises. It allows us to provide on-site comprehensive customs clearance services to all exported and imported goods. The new customs agency is the fourteenth of its kind in Poland.

The customs agency handles administrative tasks around importing and exporting goods to and from the European Union as well as around goods in customs transit being moved through Poland. It acts as the company’s liaison and broker when working with Customs Authorities, among others, by submitting customs declarations and generating paperwork to clear imported, exported and in-transit goods. It helps to significantly streamline the export and import process by limiting the need for moving goods to Customs Authority’ offices to the minimum.

The new agency is found on ROHLIG SUUS Logistics office premises at the Panattoni Logistics part at Aksamitna 8A street. It’s situated next to a temporary storage facility capable of housing goods over any 90-day period prior to being customs-cleared. We also plan to open a bonded warehouse to enable long-term storage of goods and contract logistics operations.

- The agency is licensed to apply simplified clearance procedures, making clearing goods significantly easier. We also hold the AEO certificate and a license to clear goods at locations other than customs authority offices. This is a major advantage for customers who are very time-conscious. Their goods don’t need to be moved between the warehouse and the customs authority offices and back – says Mirosław Kłósek, Customs Services Director at ROHLIG SUUS Logistics.

- As a region Podlasie is experiencing dynamic growth these days. It is fueled by a road infrastructure which has undergone some significant upgrades recently. With the completion of the S8 expressway, Białystok and its immediate surroundings have become highly attractive locations for investors on Poland’s map. From here, they get to move goods nationwide and abroad in addition to smoothly importing products and parts from the East. The agency also provides broader opportunities to Polish producers to export their goods to non-European markets – adds Grzegorz Pawnuk, Białystok Branch Director at ROHLIG SUUS Logistics.

This will be the company’s fourteenth customs agency facility. It will be used to customs-clear road, sea and air freight. The agency will provide services to ROHLIG SUUS Logistics and external forwarders.