ROHLIG SUUS Logistics SA’s brand-new warehouse in Szczecin


As a leader in Poland’s logistics industry, ROHLIG SUUS Logistics have confirmed they’re at full operating capability with their brand-new, bigger warehouse and transshipment facility in Szczecin. The city’s size and geographical location make it one of the key locations to accommodate the company’s contract logistics growth potential.

Szczecin’s growing role in the warehouse and shipping services industry has been a key driver of ROHLIG SUUS Logistics decision to invest in the development of a brand-new, bigger facility and to move the company’s Szczecin office there.

We view Szczecin as one of the key locations because of its geographical situation. The West Pomeranian region is an important business partner for a string of German and Scandinavian companies who have either opened their plants here or are planning to move their manufacturing operations and distribution centers to this location. On the one hand, these companies are looking for warehouse capacities with efficient and trained manpower and, on the other, they want locations that are situated nearby the country’s border, where the transport links from the Far East to Europe’s West and North cross – says Andrzej Kozłowski, Member of the Board at ROHLIG SUUS Logistics SA. – Domestic groupage distribution represents a large share of the operations at this location and this may be one indication of the region’s development potential and of the growth of the e-commerce market in the West Pomeranian region – adds Kozłowski.

The multi-customer warehouse spans 7 thousand square meters in size and has been built-to-suit, meaning it meets the precise specifications of the customers it’s been built for. The company’s branch works for FMCG, e-commerce and manufacturing customers, among others. The warehouse is a Class A facility and has been fitted with power-saving features and solutions that boost working comfort. The proximity of the S3 expressway and the A6 freeway means it’s got good access to international road infrastructure in addition to enabling convenient staff commuting from downtown Szczecin and to accessing the city’s transit system. Warehouse operations staff occupy the adjacent two-storey office building.

This newly developed facility meets the needs of large, global corporations with high expectations around technologies and systems, as well as the needs of local small-to-mid-size businesses. By outsourcing their warehouse services, customers are able to cut costs related to sourcing, training and maintaining workers in addition to obtaining advice and operational support – says Marcin Grzelak, the Manager of the Szczecin-located Branch. – With our warehouse catering to customers from a range of industries we’re able to offer steady employment regardless of the seasonal fluctuations in the volume of sales generated by our customers. Every worker undergoes a number of trainings and is given opportunities to grow within our organization. We are continually looking for new people to staff our warehouse operations and to fill our specialist positions – adds Marcin Grzelak.

As one of the fastest growing logistics companies in Poland, ROHLIG SUUS Logistics works on contract logistics projects in all of Poland’s key locations such as Cracow, Gliwice, Warsaw or Łódź. The company plans to open more warehouses and transshipment centers, among others in cities such as Poznań, Wrocław and Katowice.