ROHLIG SUUS Logistics opens new branches in Central Europe


ROHLIG SUUS Logistics SA – the largest Polish-owned, comprehensive logistics company – has opened branches in the Czech Republic and Hungary. Next to expanding their air, sea and rail shipping operations, the company aims to grow and strengthen its own FTL forwarding network in this region.

The Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary are not just transit countries for the movement of goods between the South and North of Europe; they are also transit countries for transporting goods between the Old Continent and the Far East. By establishing operations in Budapest, Prague, Ostrava and Liberec, ROHLIG SUUS Logistics aims to extend its competencies and continue expanding the global, Polish-owned operator’s business operations in this macroregion.

Poland, along with the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, make-up an important macroregion that may evolve into a logistics and transport rail hub from which shipments arriving from China will be distributed across the whole of Europe. These three countries, with the addition of Slovenia and its port of Koper, handle a vast majority of trade and investment as part of the commercial relationship between Central and Eastern European countries and China. The transport corridor built by China leading from the port of Piraeus, through the Balkans to the EU will also prove key for the macroregion’s continued growth – said Tadeusz Chmielewski, President of the Board at ROHLIG SUUS Logistics SA.

From the start of April of this year, ROHLIG SUUS Logistics branches in the Czech Republic have been providing comprehensive forwarding services, including customs clearance and storage. Having opened at the beginning of May of this year, the Budapest branch will operate as a newly registered enterprise called ROHLIG SUUS Logistics Hungary. The Hungarian branch of the Polish-owned logistics company has absorbed Nordic International – a forwarding company in operation since 2011 – specializing in moving sea, air and road freight as well as in intermodal transport-based solutions.

One of the building blocks of our growth strategy is reinforcing our standing in the European markets by expanding the network of branches. Achieving a presence in the Czech Republic and Hungary represents a significant step on the way toward building our position in Central Europe’s logistics industry – said Tadeusz Chmielewski, President of the Board a ROHLIG SUUS Logistics SA. – The location of international branches is of major significance for our entire network. The short distance that separates Hungary from the port of Koper in Slovenia means we are able to provide our customers with comprehensive sea and road links – added Chmielewski.

ROHLIG SUUS Logistics’ system of transport links is constantly expanding to include new routes. The company is also consistently developing FTL services as evidenced by nearly 200,000 FTL shipments completed last year.

In 2017, ROHLIG SUUS Logistics recorded double-digit sales growth and nearly PLN 849 million in revenue, with 2 million completed shipping orders and 30 thousand sq. m. of new storage space added to its portfolio. ROHLIG SUUS Logistics is the only Polish-owned company that effectively competes against leading global shipping and logistics players, employing nearly 1400 people in 24 branches across Poland and Europe. Their first branch outside of Poland opened in 2012 in St. Petersburg. The company isn’t ruling out expanding into more markets in the region.