Changes to regulations governing the export of food products to the US

Since May of this year, food products marketed in the United States are subject to additional verification processes. The new regulations require Polish exporters to name an entity designated as the ‘FSVP Importer’ in their import declarations.

This means that every company is required to have a partner in the territory of the United States, who will be responsible for the quality of the imported products and vouch for their compliance with US regulations. This role is usually played by the owner of the goods located in the US or an external agent, where the import customs clearance is carried out by a Polish company.

Companies use various methods of exporting goods to the US market. Under one of these models, the Polish business partners with a US company, who bears full liability for the quality of the food product. Another popular method involves the creation of a company in the US by the Polish business (or vice versa), which means that the new regulations will affect both these entities. However, the changes referred to above will have the greatest effect on companies following the third export model, who until now had dealt with the import process themselves.

‘The amount of food products imported into the US is so great, that the authorities are unable to supervise all entities who introduce food products into the market. That’s why US authorities focus less on inspecting the imported food products themselves, and more on checking internal control procedures implemented in companies acting as FSVP importers. A responsible logistics operator must therefore provide its customers with up-to-date information of any changes that take place in the business environment’, said Przemysław Komar, Key Trade Lane Manager at ROHLIG SUUS Logistics.

The new regulations apply to food products meant for human and animal consumption, although certain groups of goods are excluded from their application or are subject to special exemptions.

ROHLIG SUUS Logistics has for several years now been successfully providing services to companies in the US market. An own network of 10 offices across the US and logistics services provided as part of the global Rohlig Group not only guarantee the stability and security of supply chains, but also enable direct operational supervision over shipments, without the need to hire brokers, making communication with customers easier and ensuring that responsibility for shipments remains with a single entity on each stage of transport.

The company’s offices are located in major American cities, including New York, Chicago (main operational office and the operator’s US head office), Atlanta, Houston, Miami or Boston. In contrast to most other companies in the US market, who employ external brokers, ROHLIG SUUS Logistics completes customs clearances in its own customs agencies, cutting down on the time required to deliver the goods to the final recipient.

Dedicated service development managers, located both in Poland and in the US, are responsible for ensuring efficient collaboration and development of services. ROHLIG SUUS Logistics currently provides services in this field to customers from the food products, FMCG, furniture and automotive industries.