General Cargo

Cargo insurance belongs to the property insurances group

It includes all transports in sea-freight (FCL, LCL), as well as transports in domestic road-freight – it does not relate to logistics Customers or any part of international transport.

All our sea-freight (FCL, LCL) and domestic road-freight Customers receive GENERAL CARGO insurance free of charge! When placing a shipping order, Customers do not need to declare the wish to buy out insurance, it is granted automatically.

The amount of insurance has been calculated basing on the average value of shipment, depending on the kind of freight. GENERAL CARGO insurance, in the case of transport damages not resulting from the forwarder or carrier’s fault, secures the Customer compensation up to the following limits:

  • For domestic road-freight 5,000 PLN
  • For LCL sea-freight 8,000 USD
  • For FCL sea-freight 50,000 USD

With shipments of a value greater than those limits, we would recommend INDIVIDUAL CARGO insurance, which will fully insure the value of your shipment.
Find out more about damages not covered by the forwarder’s OC, but covered by CARGO insurance.

General Cargo Documents 

Institute War Cancellation Clause [PDF]

Institute Replacement Clause 161 [PDF]

ICC war [PDF]

ICC strike [PDF]


Institute radioactive contamination biological and cyber atack [PDF]

ISM Clause [PDF]