We make sure that ROHLIG SUUS Logistics is a safe place to work and that our clients' shipments arrive safely.

We take care to ensure ROHLIG SUUS Logistics is a friendly place to work and fosters diversity and different viewpoints. We treat others with the kind of respect we’d like to be treated with. We have a zero-tolerance policy on discrimination, mobbing or abuse and have a policy in place that defines undesirable workplace behaviors and specifies a proces for reporting and dealing with incidents of mobbing at work.

We track undesirable event and implement solutions aimed at counteracting them. All discrepancies are reported and their resolution is a measure of our on-going organizational improvement.

We make our employees aware of the importance of taking care of safety at work. To this end, there is information in each branch with the number of days without accidents in each facility.

We are committed to ensuring that our clients' consignments reach their recipients safely and on time. To prevent transport damage, we have developed shipment packaging standards and an electronic reconciliation card.

We protect the personal data of our employees and clients and prevent its misuse. Our security standards are set by national and international regulations. Through training, we create awareness among our employees in the area of information security and cyber security. We have introduced clean desk and screen policies and do not process data in public places. We are developing systems to effectively protect against cyber attacks and information theft.

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