We undertake to continually upgrade our operations with the goal of reducing our core business’s footprint on the environment.

In the strategy of ROHLIG SUUS Logistics, we attach particular importance to the development of rail transport, which is the most ecological means of transport. We can also offer our clients intermodal transport on preferential terms, where part of the route is covered by rail.

Advanced IT technologies and central fleet management allow us to effectively plan the use of our cargo space and shipping routes.

We pick our road freight partners carefully, paying special attention to EU exhaust emission standards compliance, valid MOT certificates and valid permits for moving dangerous goods.

Our sub-contractors have the quality of their services regularly assessed against transparent and straightforward criteria, one of which is vehicle compliance with EURO exhaust emission standards.

Our brand-new facilities use custom-designed column layouts to ensure effective space utilization. We cut power and natural resource consumption by having our facilities make the most of natural daylight. Our facilities feature above-standard insulation thickness and LED lighting.

We apply an environmentally-conscious approach to waste management by sorting our waste and dispatching hazardous waste to specialist collection sites. We cut our paper use by relying on an electronic document flow, including e-invoices. This is possible thanks to advanced IT systems and mobile devices on use by our drivers.

We safeguard against any potential environmental contamination caused by depot and warehouse breakdowns by installing special spill-neutralizing sorbent-containing containers on sites.

Protecting species endangered by human activity is another cause that’s close to our hearts. To demonstrate this, in August of 2019 we’ve put an urban beehive colony on our Warsaw office building’s rooftop.

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