Business Ethics

Innovation, partnership and continuous improvement are the core values we adhere to when creating and delivering our services.

To ensure the highest quality of services, we have implemented the Integrated Management System based on the ISO 9001: 2015 standard. It gives us greater control over business processes and facilitates the implementation of good practices throughout the organization.

We have implemented an Environmental Management System in accordance with ISO 14001: 2015 standard. Our customers know that we are a responsible partner for whom compliance with environmental standards is important.

We survey our customers' satisfaction so that we can respond quickly to their needs and improve the quality of our services. In the 2021 financial year, the average NPS score among recipients in the e-commerce channel was 81.29 and for recipients of international groupage shipments the NPS was 72.71.

We expect our people to always act with integrity whether working within the company or acting for and on behalf of our company. This is why, we’ve developed a Code of Ethics in Business which lays out the principles of operating in the business environment and working with Customers.

We take care to ensure that no conflict of interest arises when business decisions are made. Nevertheless, if individuals representing parties are related (e.g. are members of one family), they are subjected to the same vetting and check process as all the other business partners.

We do not enter into illicit and monopolistic agreements and believe it is unacceptable to offer and accept bribes.

We use an unbiased and transparent approach when agreeing on the terms of cooperation with our contractors and our communication with them is open and mutually respectful.

We treat our subcontractors as partners by holding regular meetings with the carriers, during which we work out clear rules of cooperation.

We enable the carriers we work with to use factoring services, and run regular specialist trainings for drivers.

In order to better cooperate with our hauliers, we enable the use of fuel cards and favourable conditions for road haulage liability insurance. We also provide regular training for drivers and have developed a carrier and driver handbook.

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