ROHLIG SUUS Logistics handles e-commerce for Media Markt and Saturn

ROHLIG SUUS Logistics provides comprehensive delivery services for the Media-Saturn Group, the leading European retailer of consumer electronics, delivering goods ordered online as well as in conventional retail outlets to the buyer’s designated address. » 2016-11-10

Non-standard shipments to Scandinavia with ROHLIG SUUS Logistics

ROHLIG SUUS Logistics extended its offering to include a service targeted at customers delivering specific, non-standard shipments to Scandinavia that are neither FTL nor LTL transports. » 2016-09-30

Systems and applications integration as part of the logistics operator service.

Integration with the clients’ IT systems is one of the key areas of logistics operations, and one which without a doubt benefits both parties. The specific benefits to be mentioned here include boosting the effectiveness of business processes, eliminating data processing errors, and faster response in emergency situations. » 2016-11-10

Comprehensive offering of ROHLIG SUUS Logistics shipment services to Kazakhstan

A recent visit of the President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, to Poland was an opportunity to tighten economic relations between the two countries aimed at, among other things, increasing exports of Polish food and agricultural products and strengthening the presence of Polish companies on the Kazakhstani market. » 2016-09-28

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