ROHLIG SUUS Logistics with good financial result for 2014 and QI 2015

ROHLIG SUUS Logistics summed up 2014. The company achieved revenues of 574 million PLN, which is an increase of almost 13% compared to 2013. The first quarter of 2015 is a continuation of sales growth of 11.3% compared to the same period last year. » 2015-07-09

A truly comprehensive logistics provider in 2015

Welcome to the world of comprehensive logistics! That is our New-Year 2015 motto. Nothing, that surprises You? Well.... let’s see where is the catch… » 2015-01-13

25 years of success on the market of logistics

A quarter of a century ago, when the free-market economy in Poland was built, a contract for the logistics service of the construction of the new Okecie Airport was won by the German company ROHLIG & CO... » 2015-02-10

ROHLIG SUUS sums up its half year results

ROHLIG SUUS Logistics closed half of a year with the sales level of 268 Mio PLN. It is a few percentage points higher than forecasted. A growth trend was also confirmed by a new record of monthly sales, which exceeded 51 Mio PLN in July. » 2014-09-30

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